Best Lashes for Round Eyes

If you have round eyes and find that some false eyelashes make your eyes look a lot smaller or sunken then the following guide will help you understand how to enhance round eyes by choosing the right lashes for your eye shape, while also offering eye-enhancing makeup tips.

Choosing the right lashes for your rounded eye shape will prevent the appearance of shrinkage whilst also brightening and opening up your eyes. This guide also provides useful makeup tips to accentuate and elongate the eye area, while also offering an insight into how the makeup artists to the stars achieve a beautiful wide-eyed look for well-known celebrities with round eyes.

What are Round Eyes?

Round eyes are characterised by their circular shape which appear larger and more prominent on the face. If you have round eyes, you will be able to see the whites of your eyes all the way around the inside of the eye. You will also notice that the inner and outer corners of the eye are also more rounded in comparison to other eye types, which are usually pulled inward or outward.

When applying makeup to round eyes you may notice that your eyes look droopy or sunken, so it is important that you choose the right products and techniques to enhance your round eyes. You should also try to make sure that you use false eyelashes that complement your round eyes, as some heavier style lashes can make your eyes look smaller.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Round Eyes?

Choosing the right eyelashes for your eye shape is so important - selecting the right lashes will prevent your eyes from looking sunken, whilst also creating an eye-opening and brightening effect. The best type of lashes for round eyes are wispy, half lashes and natural-looking ones as they are longer on the outer corners and this will help to elongate the outer corners of your eye thus creating a cat-eye shape.

To help you select the right eyelash products, here are some of the best fake eyelashes available for round eyes which are suited to all budgets and preferences.

Peaches and Cream Lashes - No. 8

If you are looking for a bold, voluminous lash, Peaches and Cream style no. 8 lashes are a perfect choice, as they are fluffy and full lashes which add length and volume.

Each pack contains one pair of Peaches and Cream lashes in style No. 8. These eyelashes are contact-lens friendly and also Cruelty-Free as they are made up of short and wispy synthetic fibres which help to create a flared effect that accentuate the eyes.

Kiss True Volume Lashes - Ritzy 

For a more subtle look, you should consider Kiss True Volume Lashes in their Ritzy style which offer a natural medium length lash style that is perfect for day and night events. These lashes offer just the right amount of curl to suit round eyes, which is achieved by tapered end technology - helping to create a more natural texture.

The Kiss lashes in Soir are another great pair of lashes for round eyes!

Each pack contains one set of lashes and a high-quality adhesive for £5.95. The glue included is easy to apply to lashes and also offers long-lasting qualities without the issue of difficult removal.

Check out our entire Kiss lash range here.

Unicorn 3D Mink Lashes - Lemon Meringue

For a more luxurious look, you should opt for the Lemon Meringue lashes from Unicorn Cosmetics. These will help to accentuate your round eyes as one of the main features is the increased length in the centre of the lash band.

These lashes are 3D mink lashes, this helps to enhance volume and length, whilst also creating an eye-opening effect. This lash product can be recycled up to ten times and are ultra-lightweight meaning they are very easy to apply.

Doll Beauty Lashes - Arianna 

Some of the best false eyelashes for special occasions are Doll Beauty -  Arianna style falsies. These lashes offer all the drama you need to stand out, whilst also offering extensive volume and length which will really make the colour of your round eyes pop.

These false eyelashes are made from real mink fur which means they are extremely durable and can be reused up to twenty times. They are also very easy to apply, and you’ll find one set of high-quality Arianna lashes per pack.

Pinky Goat Glam Collection Lashes - Arwa 

One of the best-selling sets of false eyelashes for rounded eyes is Pinky Goat’s Glam Collection Lashes in style Arwa. These are popular as they offer a full and elongated appearance which helps to accentuate rounded eye shapes.

These lashes are made from synthetic fibres and are therefore Cruelty-Free and vegan-friendly. These glamorous, lightweight silk fibre false eyelashes offer great value for money as they can be reused up to fifteen times.

Land of Lashes Faux Mink Lashes - Aurora

If you are looking for a comfortable set of false eyelashes that also add glamorous length, Land of Lashes in style Aurora could be the perfect fit. These ultra-lightweight princess-inspired lashes aim to provide definition and volume to enhance your rounded eyes.

Each box contains one pair of lashes, and provided they are taken care of, can be reused up to ten times! These Aurora style lashes are also made from faux mink which makes them both long-lasting and Cruelty-Free.

Lilly Lashes the Glam Collection - Hollywood 

These false eyelashes are a favourite amongst celebs as they are a premium lash product which offer the ultimate Hollywood glam look. As one of the more expensive fake lash products on the market, Hollywood style lashes from Lilly Lashes The Glam Collection false eyelashes are made from naturally shred mink and have and have a silky and feathery texture which helps to create a bold glamorous look. They are also lightweight lashes which are comfortable and very easy to apply.

Kiss Magnetic Lashes - Crowd Pleaser

Kiss’ Magnetic Lashes in the style Crowd Pleaser are a unique set of false eyelashes which are compatible with Kiss’ Magnetic Eyeliner which enables the lashes to lock in place without the need for glue. This makes them much easier to apply without the issue of messing up the rest of your eye makeup.

A pack of Kiss Crowd Pleaser lashes includes one set of faux mink false eyelashes. They have a criss-crossed aesthetic with tapered-end technology which creates a natural, sophisticated and dramatic look.

Kiss Lash Couture - So Wispy 02

Kiss Lash Couture’s So Wispy 02 tapered end eyelashes are the ideal choice if you are looking for a more natural aesthetic for your rounded eyes. These fake eyelashes are also 100% Cruelty-Free and are also vegan-friendly so you can look fabulous without feeling guilty.

Kiss’ So Wispy 02 lashes contains one set of high-quality eyelashes and an extremely long-lasting aloe adhesive. These false eyelashes are also reusable, and they are also very easy to apply so they are perfect for a quick day makeup look.

Makeup for Round Eyes

Another great way to enhance your eyes is by using makeup techniques which accentuate your round eyes and complement your false lashes. There are various makeup tips that will help make your round eyes pop, including:


One of the first things you should do to emphasise your round eyes is to pluck and shape your brows with tweezers to create a slightly arched shape. You can then fill in any sparse areas by drawing hair-like strokes with a pencil that matches your brow hair colour.

By creating a slight arch in your brows, you can actually define your eyes while also making them look bigger.


Before applying any eyeliner or eyeshadow, you should use a primer on your eyelids as this will make the application process much easier. It will also make your eyes pop while ensuring that your eye makeup lasts all day.

You can also use a concealer on your lids as well as under the eye to cover up any discolouration and shadows.


To avoid a sunken look, you need to be very careful when applying eyeshadow, so you should try to avoid dark shades and instead use neutral palettes on the eyebrow bone and the eyelid. Using neutral colours will prevent a darkening effect and will instead add definition to your eyes whilst also brightening them up.


Another great way to combat sunken round eyes is by applying a highlighter shade to the inner corners of the eye. To really enhance the inside of the eye you should trace a line of shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter on the outline of your tear ducts.


To elongate your eyes, you should use the right eyeliner for round eyes which could include a pencil or liquid eyeliner which should be applied directly on the lash line starting from the outer corner to the inside of the eye. To create a cat-eye effect, you should draw a winged shape at the edge of each eye to lengthen your eyes at the outer corners.

Professional makeup artists also tend to stick to a thin line above the upper lash line, making it slightly thicker above the pupil to create the illusion of wider eyes.


For an extra lift, you may want to use eyelash curlers which will create a natural aesthetic that really works for your home.  However, if you prefer to use false eyelashes, then you should apply a small amount of mascara first to ensure that lashes stick down properly without prompting.

To avoid non-sticking lashes, you should be very careful about applying your mascara as clumpy eyelashes will not hold your lashes as well and they may only last an hour or so.

Celebrities with Round Eyes

The best way to find round eyes makeup inspiration is by taking a look at your favourite celebrities makeup looks.  

One of the most prominent stars with round eyes is the pop sensation Katy Perry who is known for her wide-eyed look which is achieved by applying darker shades to the hollow area of the eye across to the end of the brow bone. The inner corner is also avoided to prevent her eyes from looking too wide.

Ashley Olsen – one half of the famous twin duo the Olsen twins – is known for her wide round eyes which helps her maintain a youthful look. She is normally seen adorning a smokey eye with heavily lined lids which really helps to make her eyes pop while also making them shapelier.

Another talent actress with round-shape eyes is Zooey Deschanel who is most known for her vintage wide-eye makeup which makes her eyes stand out. This look works for her round eyes as she uses a thin line of eyeliner which thickens just above the pupil to accentuate her wide eyes without creating a protruding appearance.


If you have round eyes and take on board all of the makeup tips above, then you can easily recreate the wide-eyed look of Katy Perry, Ashley Olsen and Zooey Deschanel.

You can also enhance your look further by choosing some of the best false eyelashes for round eyes which are all designed to add volume and elongate the eyes.

All of the advice and tips provided in this guide will help you upgrade your makeup routine for both everyday wear and special occasions. This will not only enhance your appearance but will also improve your confidence by simply emphasising your natural features.