Dani Dyer Girl Code Lash Collection


After Dani Dyer stunned fans with her beauty trick, not only has she become star of the show, she has won the nations favourite, winning Love island 2018. Now, Dani’s beauty trick might seem bizarre and extra to some, but we think it’s a great idea. After all, false lashes ain’t gonna look after themselves.

If you prefer the more traditional way of looking after your false eyelashes, here’s how: How to look after false eyelashes

Otherwise, in Dani Dyer’s words, “washing your lashes with Johnson’s baby shampoo and blow-drying them keeps them fluffy and fresh!”

There’s no surprise Dani has joined forces with Suzanne Jackson’s lash brand Sosu by SJ. They have collaborated together on a collection: Girl code, consisting of four lash styles.

  1. Babe
  2. Darlin
  3. Fit
  4. Beaut

Run through of the styles

Now let Dani Dyer lashes do the talking.


Short but bold lashes. Lash hairs are longer in the centre of the lash, giving you those bambi / doll eyes. Glam up with bold eye makeup for a total Babe look. Perfect for small eyes are they are too lengthy, but not exclusive to.


We’ve lost count how many times Dani Dyer has used the word Darlin, that there’s no surprise there’s a lash named after the word. If you’re after bold and fluffy lashes, this style was made for you. Team with smokey eye makeup for a proper glamorous look.


These falsies are literally FIT AF. A multi layered lash made with premium and Cruelty-Free wispy hairs. This lash consists of a super curl, making them ideal for a big night out. We think you’re going to look FIT in these lashes.


Textured lashes with graduated length for a soft cat eye finish. This lash style will fo’sho make you look BEAUT. Handmade with premium lash hairs and Cruelty-Free, you’ll look a beauty in these. Perfect for all day, every day wear.