Five False Eyelashes Myths Debunked


The demand for false eyelashes is at an all-time high. More and more people want a customised and unique look when it comes to their eyes and many beauty companies have begun collaborating with celebrities and influencers to launch their own products. For instance, SWEED lashes and beauty legend Terry De Gunzberg. If you don’t already know about this partnership, get to know. The lashes are extremely popular amongst professional makeup artists and models and are soft and natural looking.

There are a lot of myths surrounding false eyelashes and it’s time for us to debunk these myths. Here, we debunk five of the most common myths.

 “False eyelashes are difficult to apply”

If you’ve never applied false strip lashes on yourself before, you may find it difficult. But let us tell you, they’re worth it. More often than not, people find the most difficult part of applying false lashes to be attempting to stick the lash onto the lid. The trick is to use a lash applicator and look down towards your nose with your head tilted up.

 “False eyelashes always look fake”

This is not entirely true. When choosing a false eyelash, it is crucial you choose the correct shape and size, and if necessary to trim the outer edge of the lash so it fits your eyes.

False lashes come in different shapes, sizes and colour. So, depending on the style you opt for, whether it be for a night out or everyday wear, we’d recommend the following:


Lilly Lashes - Miami

Baddie B Lashes - #$nob

Yazmae Cosmetic - Milan 


House of Lashes Noir Fairy Lite

Sweed lashes by Terry – Terryfic 3D

House of Lashes – Iconic


Ardell - Demi Wispies (faux mink)

Sweed lashes - Chiara (brown)

Red Cherry – Sage

Those with lighter hair colours may want to consider lashes in the colour brown or blonde to accentuate the eyes but not going over the top.  

“You have to use glue”

False eyelashes now come in different varieties, from magnetic to pre-glued. If you’re a complete novice to false lashes, we’d recommend the following:

Magnetic lashes


 “False eyelashes never stick on”

It’s annoying when the corner of the lashes don’t stick isn’t it? If you’re a total newbie to false lashes, remember to wait for the glue to dry on the lash band for 30 – 40 seconds until glue goes tacky. We would recommend to use a lash applicator to apply to your eyelid and press lightly into place.

Fresh false lashes come with stiff bands, you may want to give them a wiggle to soften the band before applying. This will allow the lash to sit on the curve of your eyelid flawlessly and stick seamlessly.

Remember, we all have unique eye shapes, and what might suit or fit one doesn’t mean they will suit or fit you. Always make sure false lashes aren’t too heavy for your eye shape. Measure lashes against your eyelids and trim them to fit.

“You can only use false eyelashes once”

False eyelashes can be worn up to 10 times or more depending on the quality and how well you clean and care for them. The best durable lashes are made from mink, they are wispy, natural looking and designed for easy application.

Looking for vegan friendly lashes? We’d recommend to opt for faux mink or silk lashes. These lashes are just as durable as silk lashes. Always go for lashes that are of good quality for long lasting wear.

Also, it’s important to note that strip lashes with thicker bands tend to last longer than lashes with invisible / thin bands.