How Long Do Kiss Press-On Nails Last?

If you're a false nail fan, you will know that Kiss Nails are one of the leading press on nail brands for ease of use and quality. But are they any good, and how long do Kiss Nails last? We are here to answer these questions and discuss Kiss Nails' history and application process.

We will also look in-depth at the products and give you the low-down on this much-loved brand.

The History of Kiss Nails

Kiss is a cosmetic giant and has been around since the early 1990s. They are well known for their beauty products and are now one of the leading false nail brands in the world today. Kiss makes these press-on nails with top-quality materials designed for quick and easy application.

Kiss Nails is not a new brand; they are a tried and tested brand with over two decades of experience. They are bestsellers because they are easy to apply, look natural, and last longer than other press-on nails.

Kiss Nail Products

Kiss offers a wide selection of products with different levels of quality and length. From classic nail art to full-coverage nails and gel polishes, they will have something for you.

If you love Ballerina, Oval, Stiletto, Square or Squoval styles, Kiss Nails has glitter and decorations in every colour to complete your look. Whether you are after a natural-looking set of nails or are planning on getting creative with nail art, Kiss Nails are an ideal choice for easy-to-apply press on nails.

How to Put on Kiss Press-On Nails

The application process is simple, and the instructions are easy to follow.

  • First, you must pick the right size of nails for your hand and trim them if necessary.
  • Once they are ready, press each nail on one at a time and make sure it is firmly attached to your natural nail.

Depending on the type of press-on nails you choose, you can use additional nail glue or adhesive tabs to ensure they are securely attached. Read our blog post about – How to Put On Fake Nails.

How Long Do Kiss Press-On Nails Last?

Kiss nails are designed to last up to two weeks, depending on how well they are applied and how often you use your hands. They can sometimes last longer than two weeks if careful with them.

You should also remember that, as with all press-on nails, you will likely experience some wear and tear over time, but because they're so reasonably priced, you can afford to change them regularly.

Kiss Gel Nail Kit Review

If you are looking for a longer-lasting solution, the Kiss Gel Nail kit may be perfect. Kiss gel nails are a great choice if you want something that will last a few weeks.

This kit contains everything you need: nail strips, primer, gel top coat and remover. The instructions are straightforward, and the results are fantastic. The Kiss Gel Nail Kit is also easy to use and offers excellent value for money.

How to Apply Gel Nails at Home with the Kiss Gel Nail Kit

If you want to apply Kiss Nail at home, you will need the Kiss Gel Nail Kit and some free time.

  • First, you will need to clean and prepare your nails.
  • Then, apply the primer in the kit to the natural nail surface to give the gel something to stick to.
  • Next, fit each of the Kiss Gel Nail strips onto your nails and press down firmly. Apply a thin layer of gel topcoat over each nail and cure under a nail lamp.
  • Once they are cured, you are ready to go.

Alternatively, you use the Kiss False Nails – Brush-On Gel Nail Kit because the product doesn't need a UV lamp or any curing, making them perfect for home application.

Are Kiss Nails Good Quality?

Yes, absolutely! Kiss press-on nails are a great choice if you are looking for something that is easy to apply and looks natural. They are made with high-quality materials that last up to two weeks, making them one of the longest-lasting press-on nails.

How to Remove Glued-On Nails

Every so often, you should remove your stick-on nails. Here's our step-by-step guide to help you quickly and easily remove false nails.

  1. Use a cotton swab soaked in acetone-based nail polish remover to loosen the glue and pull off the nails gently.
  2. For stubborn residue, use an orange wood stick or cuticle pusher to scrape away any remaining glue.
  3. Afterwards, massage a nourishing oil into your nails and cuticles to help repair any damage that may have been caused during the removal process.

Give your natural nails a few days to breathe, and then you can reapply another pair of press-on nails. Read more about removing your fake nails.

Our Favourite Kiss Nails

Kiss is one of the best and most affordable brands for press-on nails, and they are definitely worth trying if you are looking for a fast, easy and stylish alternative to traditional acrylics or gel nails. Here are our top bestsellers:

  • Kiss False Nails Salon Acrylic French Nails – Crush Hour

In the Crush Hour design, French acrylic nails from Kiss False Nails Salon are short and have a French nude polish look. These ground-breaking natural nails include the proprietary Flexi-Fit technology for a perfect fit with no bubbles. This beautiful set of ready-to-wear artificial nails can be worn for up to 7 days.

  • Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails – Parasol

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails in the Parasol design are lengthy and strikingly polished. These are the artificial nails you want if you want the appearance of a flawless manicure from a salon. The pack includes a variety of glitter, high shine, and matte nails. These stunning ready-to-wear artificial nails are suitable for up to 7 days.

  • Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails – Whatever

Kiss false nails in a glossy crimson colour in a fashionably short length. If you want fake nails that mimic a flawless gel manicure, staying shiny and bright, these are the nails for you. These ready-to-wear false nails will last up to 7 days.

  • Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy – Toe Nails

Kiss is one of the few brands that sell false toenails, and these nails are gorgeous. With a subtle nude colour, these are perfect for natural yet glamorous toenails. These are incredibly easy to apply and are suitable for up to a week.


Kiss is one of the leading brands for press-on nails and is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a fast, easy and stylish alternative to traditional salon manicures. The longevity of their products makes them an attractive option that can hold up against day-to-day activities and is made from high-quality materials that lead in the fashion stakes.

You can also check through our collection of other Kiss products, such as our Kiss false lashes range.