How to File Nails

Filing our nails is essential to nail care – keeping them short, neat, and free of snags is important. But how do you use a nail file correctly? We’ll divulge everything you need to know about nails and filing to keep your nails looking their best.

Why Do We File Our Nails?

The most common reason why we file our nails is to shape them; nail files help us get rid of rough edges or snags in the nail surface that could potentially tear or snag clothing.

Filing your nails is a great way to keep them neat and tidy. Whether you’re after natural nail shaping, sculpting, or just general maintenance of your nail shape, filing is the way to go! A nail file is essential for getting the job done right, so let’s discuss how to use it.

Regularly filing your nails helps to both keep them looking nice, but also keep them healthy too. Filing prevents hangnails from forming and can help maintain nail health by keeping them at a manageable length that won’t break as easily.

It’s also essential for those with long nails to regularly trim and file to ensure they are not too long and at risk of breaking.

The Best Way to File Our Nails

To get the best nail shape, you’ll want a nail file with two different sides: a coarse side for shaping and a finer side for finishing. You can use a nail buffer if you want an even smoother finish. However, do not buff your nails too often, as this can damage them.

Start filing towards the centre of your nail in one direction – going back and forth will cause splitting and weakening of your nail plate. Work up to the edges of the nail carefully, following its natural curvature until it is shaped how you desire. For those looking for more sculpted nail shapes, use the nail file to make a ‘V’ or curved shape at the base of your nail.

What Tools Do We Need to Keep Our Nails Looking Good?

You’ll need a few tools to safely and effectively file your nails.

  • A nail file has two sides (a coarse side for filing and shaping and a finer side for smoothing).
  • Nail clippers if your nails are too long.
  • A nail buffer (optional, but nice to have).
  • Cuticle oil to keep the surrounding skin moisturised.

How to Maintain Healthy Natural Nails

Your nails are made from Keratin, the same stuff your hair is made from. Keratin is a protein your body produces and requires unique nourishment to stay healthy.

To keep nail health in check, ensure that you are consuming a balanced diet with plenty of protein, zinc and vitamins B12, A and D. Additionally, make sure to moisturise regularly to keep the nail beds hydrated. Lastly, use nail treatments such as strengthening nail polishes or nail oils to help protect against nail damage.

In addition to eating well and regularly filing your nails, there are other things you can do to maintain healthy natural nails.

  • Avoid nail picking, biting or excessively trimming your nail.
  • Keep your nails moisturised by applying a nail oil such as cuticle oil.
  • Wear gloves when cleaning to protect from harsh chemicals.
  • Regularly apply nail polish if desired, and make sure to use only salon-quality products.

With this information in mind, you’re now ready to file away. Remember that you should file your nails carefully; it’s vital when applying or removing your false nails, so take your time and enjoy the process. Find out more about how to remove your false nails safely.

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To Sum Up

Filing your nails regularly is key for nail health and can help you achieve beautiful natural nail shapes. To maintain healthy natural nails, ensure a balanced diet rich in protein, zinc, vitamins B12, A and D; moisturise regularly; wear gloves when cleaning; and use nail treatments such as strengthening nail polishes or oils.

Additionally, be careful not to over-file or pick your nails too much. Many nail files on the market can do the job well – so find what works best for you.

With all this information in mind, you’re ready to file away! Enjoy looking after your nails.