Lash Technician: Top FIVE questions to ask


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The false eyelash industry is booming at the moment, and there’s no surprise that lash extensions have become more popular than ever. If you weren’t born with long eyelashes and you often don’t have time to apply false eyelashes, then getting professional lash extensions could perhaps be the best option for you. You can read all about the pros and cons of lash extensions and strip false eyelashes here.

With this demand, it offers great opportunity for lash technicians in the business. If you’re looking for lash treatment, make sure you go to a reputable lash artist. Remember – a good lash technician will ALWAYS ask you to come in 48 hours beforehand for a patch test. They are going near your eyes after all, so it’s your safety first!

Take a read of our post below on your top five lash extension questions answered.

1. How do I look after my lash extensions?

After your lash treatment, your lash technician will provide you with aftercare advice on how to keep your lash extension game strong.

You should:

  • Keep them dry for 24-48 hours
  • Brush your lashes with a lash wand daily to keep them untangled
  • Clean with baby shampoo in circular motions

You should not:

  • Use oil based makeup remover
  • Pick at your lashes, as this will damage your natural lashes
  • Apply false lashes on top of your extensions

2. What lash extensions do I get if I want natural looking lashes?

You should ask for ‘Classics’ if you want natural looking lashes. The classic look mimics your natural curls, offering an eye-opening effect.

Otherwise, if you want lashes that give off a dramatic look, we would suggest going ‘Russian’. This style is fluffy and multidimensional.

3. How often do I need a lash infill?

It is recommended to get a lash infill every 2-3 weeks, depending on how well your extensions are looked after. This may differ as some clients may require lash infills earlier than others due to the rate of lash growth and lash shedding.

4. Can I use mascara if I have lash extensions?

Mascara shouldn’t be necessary if you have a good lash artist. It is advised to not use mascara on lash extensions, however if you want to make your eyes ‘pop’, lightly swipe the mascara at the tip of your extensions.

Never use oil based or waterproof mascara as the agents can dissolve the bond between lash extensions and eyelid.

5. Will my natural lashes get damaged?

Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes if applied correctly, therefore no damage should be made to your natural lash growth.

Make sure you don’t rub your eyes or attempt to remove lash extensions by yourself, as this can cause lash loss to your natural lashes and extensions to fall out. Best if you leave it to the professionals!

All of our professional products require approval upon purchasing. All you have to do is create an account and email with a copy of your lash extension technician accredited certificate and a valid proof of eyelash extension insurance. Once approved, you can make as many professional purchases as you’d like.

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