Mascara: Do You Put It On Before Or After False Eyelashes?

We all know how amazing fake lashes look, but an often overlooked question is, do you put mascara on before or after applying fake lashes? We get asked this a lot, so we wanted to break it down into a simple guide so that every false-lash wearer can get the perfect look with their falsies.

Mascara before or after fake lashes?

The debate of whether to apply mascara before or after applying false eyelashes has been going on for years. According to makeup experts, applying your mascara after putting on your false lashes is best to ensure the most natural-looking ones.

This is because applying mascara after your false lashes prevents the glue from becoming wet and losing its adhesion. Applying a coat of mascara before fake lashes can also cause them to clump together, making for an awkward application process. Plus, you’re more likely to damage or tear your lashes if you apply mascara beforehand.

However, for a more dramatic look, some people prefer to apply one thin layer of mascara before applying false eyelashes – this will help blend the false lash with your natural ones. Just be aware that opting for this look is not the best choice as it will not last due to the weakened adhesive bond between the falsies and your natural lash line.

How much mascara is too much?

It’s important to remember not to go overboard with your mascara when wearing falsies – this will make your lashes look too clumpy, and you risk damaging them. We recommend skipping the mascara altogether if you’re using traditional falsies to get a more natural-looking effect.

When it comes to magnetic and faux mink lashes, only use mascara on the tips of your natural lashes before applying your falsies – this will help blend them in with your own without making them look too clumpy or unnatural.

What else can I use to extend the life of my lashes?

Fake lashes are an investment, so keeping them looking great and extending their life is essential. There are several products you can use for this purpose, and no 1 on the list is using the popular Kiss Falscara range.

Kiss Falscara - Overnighter is a magic liquid (it’s not actually magic, it’s science) fake lash protector that you paint on your lash line to protect the lashes, keeping them looking lovely but, more importantly, in place until it’s time for a change.

You can also enhance the life of your false lashes by using waterproof mascara. This will help keep them in place even after an emotional teary-eyed moment. Too much mascara, however, can be counterproductive.

If you apply too much mascara to your false eyelashes, they could clump together and look unnatural or weigh down the falsies and cause them to droop.

Magnetic lashes

The debate about a mascara before or after fake lashes generally applies to traditional false eyelashes, but what about magnetic lashes? Well, these clever little gadgets require a completely different approach.

Magnetic lashes are applied with the help of a specialised magnetic liner which contains tiny magnets that attach to each end of the lash strip. Magnetic liner means you don’t need glue, so it’s recommended that you apply a couple of coats of mascara directly onto your natural lashes before applying your magnetic falsies. Two coats of mascara will give you an even fuller look that will turn heads.

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So there’s the answer! Now you know when to apply mascara for your false eyelashes, whether traditional falsies, faux mink or magnetic lashes. Remember that everyone’s eyes are different, so experiment with different looks until you find one that works best for you.