New In: Tatti Lashes Styles Now Added to the Collection


Tatti Lashes are a name that has become widely recognised over the past year or so, and their popularity continues to grow by the day. With stars as big as Khloé Kardashian and Nikki Minaj wearing their styles; Tatti Lashes offer affordability without compromising on quality.

12 new Tatti Lashes styles have landed

Tatti Lashes have recently introduced 12 stunning new styles to their ever-expanding lash collection, and we are proud to offer them all here at, as well as their entire range of false eyelashes.

Luxury Brazilian Silk

The Luxury Brazilian Silk Collection offers great alternative lash styles for if you require a full, fluffy appearance and high quality finish, but don’t want to wear mink lashes. Three new Brazilian Silk styles have been added to our website; TL22, TL24 and TL25.

TL22 – This style has already proved to be popular, and it’s not difficult to see why! It offers a full, fanned out design that is multi-layered for a soft, fluffy volume. The extreme length and longer strands in the centre work to open and accentuate the eye dramatically, making this pair the perfect pick for nights out.

TL25 – TL25 are another dramatic design that adds extreme length to your natural lashes, and features a gradual fade in density from base to tip. The spaced out, longer lash strands add definition and dimension, resulting in a bold, beautiful look that is suitable for any occasion.

Human Hair

Tatti Lashes have extended their collection and now offer human hair eyelashes as well as their Mink and Brazilian silk lashes. These are slightly more affordable, and provide a much less dramatic, lightweight look, so they are certainly more suited for everyday wear and are ideal for those that require a more natural enhancement.

TL12 – If you require a classic, glamorous pair of falsies that aren’t too dramatic or dense, then this style is a top choice. Their soft, fluttery appearance consists of fine, delicately layered lash strands that gradually increase in length towards each outer edge, for an elongated enhancement, and medium volume.

TL28 – For those that like a more dramatic look with their lashes, style TL28 will not disappoint! Boasting densely packed lash strands, this style offers intense volume and impressive length. The elongated ends soften the look slightly, whilst still making an impact.

TL16 – This style is great if your preference is length over volume, as these lovely lashes provide a soft, wispy appearance and a long, graduated length. The heightened length in the centre works to accentuate the eye, making these fab for hooded eyes.

TL30 – Style TL30 is double layered for a full, wispy look and medium volume. The lashes curl outwards, opening the eye, resulting in a soft, fluttery finish that is perfect for extra special occasions.  

Which new Tatti Lashes style is your favourite?