Our Favourite Looks From the Bratz Challenge Trend


Instagram is probably one of the best sources of makeup inspiration when it comes to new products, trends, and challenges. But with the amount of beauty accounts now on this social platform, almost anybody can become a beauty advocate.

When Nikki Tutorials first posted a video on the Bratz Challenge, everyone jumped on it, and rightly so. She has been shaking up the beauty world since 2015 and ever since one of her videos became viral many people were inspired and Nikkie has gained online popularity since.

Take a look at the below of our favourites, who we spotted on Instagram doing the Bratz challenge.

Pink Bratz Doll


Pink Blonde Bratz Doll


Electric Blue Bratz Doll


Neon Green Bratz Doll Ginger Hair


Messy Hair Bratz Doll


If you want to challenge yourself to the Bratz challenge, take a look at Nikkie Tutorials YouTube video and see how she created this look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA_f--SCedE

If you're brave enough to take up this challenge, remember to tag us at #welovelashes.