The Complete Guide to Kiss Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are a revolutionary product. Since their introduction in 2014, they have become widely popular, especially in countries like the UK, US and France. In recent years there have been some exciting innovations making them even more popular.

Kiss lashes have upped their game and introduced a range of magnetic eyeliner lashes. This now makes wearing lashes a quick and easy process. For anyone who has wanted to wear false lashes but felt intimidated by using glue, these are a great option.

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about these revolutionary lashes and how they might turn you into a false eyelash convert.

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What are Kiss Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes have been around for a while, but they have yet to take off in a big way - especially as early versions had some issues. Kiss eyelashes are some of the best false eyelashes you can find, in terms of good-looking natural false lashes.

Thankfully Kiss has turned their hand to solving the issues of early magnetic lashes and have created what may be the best magnetic eyelashes on the market.

Since they are still a somewhat new phenomenon in the UK, let's make sure we cover all the basics, so you know exactly what you're getting.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

Magnetic eyelashes work by using tiny magnets to sandwich your natural lashes in between two strips of false lashes. There's no need for the use of glue as the magnets hold the lashes in place. 

How Are Magnetic Lashes Different To Normal False Lashes?

The challenge and fear of applying false lashes revolve around using glue so close to your eyes. For many women, it can be so daunting that they choose to forgo the joy of full fluttering lashes.

With magnetic lashes, there is no glue to worry about. Instead, magnets are used to hold the lashes in place. 

There are two styles of magnetic eyelashes you can get. The first type are sandwich eyelashes. Instead of applying a single false lash to each eye, these magnetic lashes come in pairs.

The pair of lashes sandwich around your natural lashes and stick together to hold in place. There is no need for any glue at all.

The second and more modern type of magnetic lashes are magnetic liner lashes. For these magnetic lashes, you first apply a unique liner which contains some magnetic ingredients. Once the liner dries you attach a single layer of magnetic lashes to your eye.

What Is Special about Kiss Magnetic Eyelashes?

Kiss has two styles of magnetic lashes. They have a set that works in the same way as traditional magnetic lashes, with some added features. They also have a set with magnetic eyeliner and lashes. 

Sandwich Lashes

Kiss magnetic eyelashes have a different design for the top and bottom lash. Usually, the top and bottom lashes in the pair are identical. Kiss has created a slightly thinner bottom lash.

The benefit of this is that it makes the bottom lash lighter, so it stays put. The reduced weight helps the lashes resist gravity while maintaining a full and long lash look. 

Kiss magnetic lashes come with an applicator which makes it easy to get the lashes in the right position. Without an applicator, it is challenging to fit the lash right against your natural lash line.

Kiss's applicator makes the whole process a lot less fiddly as well. You are much less likely to end up dropping your lashes while trying to get them on.

Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes

Kiss has a great option for those wanting the more advanced option of magnetic eyeliner lashes.

Kiss magnetic lashes have five small magnets spread along the lash. The five magnets ensure that the lash holds on well and is going to stay put all day long, even in high winds.

The benefit of using five small magnets is that it is much easier to fit the lashes to your eye. The bend is flexible and easy to adjust when you put them on.

Kiss' magnetic eyeliner comes with a really excellent precision brush. This is ideal because the eyeliner is best used sparingly.

Ideally, you would use your regular eyeliner to get the look you want and then apply a thin line with the magnetic eyeliner just to attach the lashes. The precision brush is perfect for this. 

The liner is high quality and free from prostaglandin, silicone, synthetic fragrances and dyes, parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, and formaldehyde.

Kiss also provide the liner separately, or as a kit with the lashes. This makes it easy and affordable to use these lashes over and over.

Kiss Magnetic Lashes with Liner

What Are The Benefits Of Magnetic False Eyelashes?

Lack of glue

The most significant benefit of magnetic lashes is the lack of glue. It takes away the fear factor of false lashes.

Once you get the hang of applying Kiss magnetic lashes, you will find that they are much quicker and easier to use than traditional false lashes.

Removing false lashes is almost as challenging as getting them on in the first place. With magnetic lashes, they easily slide off thus making the whole experience of wearing false lashes much more pleasant.


Magnetic lashes are reusable. After you use them, you can give them a gentle clean, and they will be good to go again.

As they are reusable up to around 50 times, they have a much longer lifespan than regular false lashes. They are also a much lower price point than eyelash extensions. 

Not affected by water

Because the lashes are held on with magnets, this means that they are unaffected by water. They will remain attached even if they get a little wet.

This doesn't mean you can go swimming in them though. If they get thoroughly waterlogged, the weight will pull the lashes out of position. They are, however, resistant to splashes and tears. 

Kinder to your eyes

Using magnetic eyeliner lashes has the added benefit of being kinder to your natural lashes. Using sandwich lashes extensively can lead to small amounts of hair loss.

With the magnetic liner lashes, you can get great-looking lashes without any worry of damaging your natural lashes.

Magnetic eyeliner lashes are an excellent option for anyone who has thinned lashes or has suffered from hair loss.

They do not rely on the existing lashes to hold in place. This makes them an option for many people who might not be able to use any other style of false eyelashes. 

Basically, magnetic lashes offer an easy and affordable option to getting fuller and longer lashes.

What Are The Challenges When Using Magnetic False Eyelashes?

If you have never worn magnetic lashes before, there is a learning curve when it comes to applying them. It takes practice to get them in the right position. With the liner, you will learn how best to apply it for your eyes to get maximum hold.

As long as you are prepared to spend a little time practising, you will soon become a master at applying your magnetic lashes quickly and efficiently.

How long do magnetic lashes last?

You might be wondering: how many times can you wear magnetic lashes? The answer is, as long as you follow the instructions carefully and look after them, your magnetic lashes should last the majority of your day for around a month of continuous daily wear.

If you're wondering how to clean magnetic lashes, it's really simple. Just use a cotton bud dipped in gentle makeup remover or 90% alcohol to remove all traces of liner and any debris that's collected in the lashes. 

What Do You Need To Know About Kiss Lashes?

Kiss began life as a salon supply company. They focused on creating high-quality salon level products.

They then took this expertise and experience and used it to develop salon-quality products that could be used by anybody in their own home.

Kiss has relied on quality and innovation to grow their company. As a result, they are now one of the largest manufacturers of beauty products in the world.

They are a company that values high-quality products and creating an exceptional customer experience.

Types Of Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes

There are several different types of Kiss false eyelashes. There are a few different styles to choose from to get the perfect look for any occasion:


Kiss Magnetic Lashes - Charm

Kiss Charm magnetic lashes offer a natural and fluffy style option. They are the perfect lashes to wear all day long. The fluffy strands are layered to give a feeling of volume.

These are the kind of lashes that could quickly become your signature style! Shop Charm lashes.


Kiss Magnetic Lashes - Lure

If you are looking for a natural and subtle false eyelash, Lure lashes are the perfect choice. These lashes are so lightweight you might forget you are wearing them.

They create a sophisticated look by subtly lengthening your eyelashes. It's an ideal choice to wear day in and day out. Shop Lure lashes.


Kiss Magnetic Lashes - Entice

The gorgeous Entice lashes are the perfect choice for a night on the town. The faux mink lashes are cruelty-free whilst providing a natural, yet eye-catching look.

The strands are crisscrossed to create layers and volume. The ends of the strands are carefully tapered so that they draw the eye outwards and create a clean and defined edge. Shop Entice lashes.

Crowd Pleaser

Crowd Pleaser lashes are one of the more dramatic styles in the range. They are perfect for wearing to an event and making a statement. They are faux mink, so have the beautiful fluffy look, while still being cruelty-free.

The lashes feature crisscrossing layers of soft and delicate lashes. They all taper beautifully towards the end to give a sophisticated and glamorous look. Shop Crowd Pleaser lashes.


Kiss Magnetic Lashes - Tempt

These cruelty-free faux mink lashes give a very natural look. The wispy strands are arranged in V-shaped clusters to create a sophisticated and eye-catching look, without being too heavy on the drama.

Tempt lashes match perfectly with bold use of wing liner and can be absolute showstoppers. Shop Tempt lashes.


The Tantalize style is an elegant choice of lash. They feature fluffy and wispy strands that taper to clean and delicate points. They are faux mink, so have the beautiful fluffy look, while still being cruelty-free.

The effect is an elegant look that would be suitable for any occasion. Shop Tantalize lashes.

Kiss Magnetic Eye Liner

When you are using kiss magnetic liner lashes, you must use the magnetic liner. The liner contains small amounts of a magnetic compound that the lashes attach to in order to stay in place. 

The liner is a stunning jet black. It comes in a gorgeous bottle with a precision brush. The brush is compact and flexible, allowing you to apply your liner accurately and without smudging.

You need to make sure that the liner is applied in an unbroken line all the way along your lash line. This will ensure the lash stays in place once applied.

Because the liner is a special magnetic formula, it is best only to use it when you are wearing your magnetic lashes.

To make the liner go as far as possible, you may wish to apply your usual eyeliner when you are creating your look, then use the magnetic liner only to hold the lash in place.

Of course, if you want to complete your whole look with the gorgeous jet black liner, there is no problem with doing so.

How To Apply Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner

Applying your magnetic eyeliner lashes is quite straightforward. It can take a few goes to get the hang of it, but once you have it down, it is quick and easy.

The steps are as follows: 

  1. Shake the eyeliner. This is really important as it ensures the magnetic compound is evenly distributed. Miss this step and your lashes may not stick.
  2. Apply the magnetic eyeliner to your lash line. Make sure you create a smooth, uninterrupted line.
  3. Let the liner dry. It will only take a couple of minutes, but you need the liner to be dry before you attempt to attach your lashes.
  4. Place the lashes in position against the eyeliner.

If you need to adjust the lashes, you can give them a trim. If you do so, make sure not to remove the magnets at the ends of the lashes. Without the outer magnets, the lashes will not attach properly.

If you're wondering how to trim magnetic lashes, first make sure the inner corner of the false lash lines up with the start of your natural lashes before trimming away any excess from the outer edge.

Make sure you trim as close to the next magnet on the lash band as possible. 

To remove the lashes, you can simply pull them away gently from your eye. The eyeliner will come off easily using a cotton swab with makeup remover. If you prefer you can use a cotton bud to remove the liner along the lash in one go. 

High quality but affordable magnetic lashes 

Kiss has a long history of creating outstanding beauty products that are accessible to everyone. Their products are high quality, look fantastic and are easy to use. Their newest range of magnetic liner lashes is no different.

Once you try them and realise how easy they are, you will soon find yourself singing their praises every time someone compliments you on your amazing eyelashes.

So you have the perfect magnetic lashes, you might now be wondering: do you put mascara on fake lashes? Read here for all the dos and don'ts when it comes to mascara and false lashes!