Top FIVE lash glue voted by YOU!


It’s a nightmare when your false lashes are hanging off the edge of your eyes, isn’t it? Especially in a social situation. There's nothing more important than strong lash glue for your false eyelashes. Not only strong but windproof too!

If you need lash glue for sensitive eyes, we’ve got you covered. Ensure you purchase glue that doesn’t leave your eyes irritated. No one wants a stinging sensation in their eyes.

Read further to find out nations favourite lash glue.

Top 5 Favourite Lash Glue

DUO Glue

duo lash glue flatlay

Professional makeup artists favourite lash glue - DUO glue. This lash glue comes in two different sized tubes: 7g and 14g. There is also the option of white glue - apply white and it dries clear, or dark glue. 

Shop DUO clear tone glue here.

Eylure Lashfix Glue

Eylure lashfix lash glue

Eylure has been around for over 60 years, so it's no surprise they’re lashaholics go-to when it comes to lash glue. The Superfix adhesive comes in a 6ml bottle offering multiple applications for only £4.49!

This lash glue can be used on Eylure false eyelashes as well as other lash brands.

Kiss Eyelash Glue

KISS brush on glue flatlay

This Kiss strip lash glue has a super strong hold, meaning it lasts all day. With the improved Aloe Vera ingredient, this soothing formula allows a non-irritating finish.

This lash glue will complement your Kiss Lashes perfectly. If you prefer a different colour, we offer the adhesive in black as well.

Shop Kiss Lash Glue here.

House of Lashes Glue

House of Lashes lash adgeisve flatlay

Bloggers favourite lash glue: House of Lashes. This adhesive is latex free and waterproof, making it the perfect adhesive for those who wear contact lenses and those with sensitive eye areas.

The super thin brush tip allows for easy and precise application, even on the thinnest of lash bands.

Shop House of Lashes Glue here.

Pinky Goat Glue Me

Top FIVE lash glue voted by YOU!

Pinky Goat Glue Me has become an essential to many lash lovers out in the lash world. This adhesive comes in a 7g tube in either dark black or white/clear. These lash glues are waterproof and dry superfast - what more could you ask for?!

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