Top Tips for the Perfect Lash Application


Although we are pretty much experts in everything lash-related here at (we don’t mean to brag…) we love to learn new lash tips and tricks, and we are always finding out new, useful ways to get the most out of a pair of falsies!

We’ve already provided a step-by-step guide and video tutorial showing you exactly how to apply false eyelashes (which you can view here), but we also thought we would share some of our top tips for ensuring you know all there is to know about applying your lashes perfectly. Some of these tips have been inspired by our customers and twitter follower’s responses when we asked them for their favourite falsies advice!

  • Always measure the lash against your natural lashes
  • Trim from the outer edge if the lash band is too long
  • Gently flex the lash band, so it is easier to apply
  • Make sure you wait approximately 40 seconds for the glue to dry before applying your lashes
  • If you aren’t using a brush on strip lash adhesive, use a cotton bud to apply a thin layer of lash glue along the band
  • You can cut lashes in half to create your own accent lashes
  • Double-stack the same style lashes for double the volume
  • Use eyelash curlers to open the eye and lift your natural lashes before applying mascara and falsies 
  • Apply one coat of mascara before applying your lashes for a flawless blend
  • Use dark strip lash adhesive if you have naturally dark lashes and want extra definition at the lash line
  • Apply the lashes as close to the lash line as possible
  • Use tweezers or a lash applicator to gently squeeze the false lashes to your natural lashes, for an undetectable blend
  • If you need to trim your lashes for a better fit, you can use the extra lashes to apply on top of the outer edge, for a more dramatic, winged out look
  • Position the lash in the centre of the eye when applying, then place each end down into place
  • Use a lash comb to gently brush the lashes after you have applied them
  • Add a thin stroke of eyeliner along the lash line to blend the falsies in with your natural lashes and add extra definition
  • Use a gentle eye makeup remover on a cotton bud to carefully clean the lash band after removing your lashes - this removes any leftover adhesive and helps the lashes last longer
  • You can gently wrap the lash band around a pencil or makeup brush to loosen the band, making it flexible and easier to fit your eye when applying
  • Instead of applying the glue directly to the lash band, you can also use an adhesive with an extremely thin brush, and brush a thin line of glue on your lash line
  • Try not to apply mascara directly to the false lashes if you want to reuse them
  • To remove lashes, carefully pinch the lash from the outer corner, and peel it off
  • Store your lashes somewhere safe, either on the original tray they came in or in a lash case to help maintain their shape and quality
  • Add a couple of individual lash clusters to each outer edge of your eyes for a naturally enhanced, effortless look
  • Always choose lashes that compliment your eye shape
  • Make sure you carry out patch tests before trying any lash adhesive

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