Your Complete Guide to Eylure Dybrow


This eyebrow tint product from Eylure is designed to give your brows a dark glossy appearance for up to a month and a half! It contains a formula that is proven to darken eyebrows that are lighter, ensuring a balance of colour and wonderfully defined brows. This, along with the fact that it's easy to mix and apply, has contributed to its popularity. These factors are in addition to its low cost! 

Contents Table

  • What is Eylure Dybrow?
  • What is Eylure Dybrow made from?
    1. Safety tips and product warnings
  • What colours does Eylure Dybrow come in?
  • Eylure Dybrow application instructions
    1. Sensitivity test
    2. Applications
  • How long does Eylure Dybrow last?
  • How often should you apply Eylure Dybrow?
  • How much does Eylure Dybrow cost?
  • Benefits of Eylure Dybrow
  • Cheaper than a salon
  • The comfort of doing it at home
  • Quick and easy application
  • Can you remove Eylure Dybrow?
  • Brow Care
  • Conclusion
  • Sources

  • What is Eylure Dybrow?

    Eylure Dybrow is a brow tint product. You can purchase Eylure Dybrow in 3 shades - black, dark brown and light brown. By darkening your eyebrows, you can achieve a great, well-defined look that is especially perfect for the summer months. However, Dybrow still looks great all year round. By applying to your eyebrows, you can achieve dark glossy brows. Its application achieves the desired effect thanks to its proven formula. Dybrow comes with a dye cream and an additional activator solution.

    What is Eylure Dybrow made from?

    This product is made from a specific formula with ingredients like aqua, sodium and oleth-10 featuring. As mentioned, its formula is chosen to achieve a specific and desired outcome.

    Ingredients (Dye Cream):

    • Aqua
    • Cetearyl Alcohol
    • 2-Chloro-p-Phenylenediamine
    • Bis-Diglyceryl-Polyacyl-Adipate-2
    • PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
    • Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate
    • Sodium Laureth Sulfate

    This may also contain: m-Aminophenol, 2,6-Diaminopyridine, Cl 77492, Cl 77491, Cl 77499

    Ingredients (Activator Solution):

    • Aqua
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Triethanolamine
    • Phosphoric Acid
    • Oleth-10

    The ingredients of the dye cream are chosen to apply the right colour tones to your eyebrows while those included in the activator solution hold the purpose of, as their name suggests, activating the effect that the dye cream will have on your brows as a semi-permanent brow tint. Neither application should damage your eyebrows, once they are applied correctly, and you are not allergic to any of their ingredients.

    Additional circumstances when you should not use this product:

    • You are under 16 years of age
    • There is a rash on your face
    • You have an irritated, sensitive or/and damaged scalp
    • Previously, you had a reaction after using a similar product
    • In the past, you've experienced a reaction to a short-term black henna tattoo

    Safety tips and product warnings

    Make sure you read the instructions and follow them correctly. There is a risk of a severe allergic reaction with these products, so once again, make certain that you carefully read the ingredients. This product contains phenylenediamines and hydrogen peroxide. You cannot use this product on eyelashes. You should also wear appropriate gloves when applying Eylure Dybrow. Do not allow this eyebrow dye to come in contact with your eyes. If this occurs, you should rinse them straight away with lots of cold water. If you continue to experience irritation, you should seek medical attention. The other risk associated with this product is that of infection. If this happens, you should also avail of medical attention. If you've tweezed or shaped your eyebrows recently, you must wait at a minimum, 72 hours before using Eylure Dybrow. Keep this product out of reach of children.

    What colours does Eylure Dybrow come in?

    Let's now look further at the two products of this Eylure dye kit. You can select black or alternatively achieve a brown (dark or light) tint with Eylure Dybrow. Choosing the best colour for you will depend on the colour of your natural brow, eyes and hair as well as your complexion. Generally, the shade you go with should be 2-3 shades lighter than your eyebrows natural colour. That is unless your brows are pale blonde or fully grey.

    Eylure Dybrow Application Instructions

    In this section, we'll lay out how to apply Dybrow, including looking at the Eylure Dybrow dye kit instructions.

    Sensitivity Test:

    Before you apply this product, you'll need to perform a sensitivity or patch test. This involves checking how Dybrow will affect your skin before applying it to your eyebrows. 


    1. Combine 1cm of dye cream and 3 drops of the activating solution.
    2. Place a small quantity onto a small region of the inner bend of your elbow. Alternatively, you can apply some behind your ear.
    3. Leave the test area uncovered for a 48-72 hour period while also allowing it to dry in the process.

    Assuming that you experience no rash or irritation, then there's a very small chance that you'll have a reaction when applied to your eyebrows, but even so, there's still no way to be absolutely sure. If you do experience irritation or a rash occurs, make sure to wash the test area thoroughly. Further, stop using the product right away and look for an alternative that will work safely for you.


    If all goes well during the sensitivity test, you can then move on to applying Eylure Dybrow. Please follow the instructions carefully. As a note, you should wear appropriate gloves when applying Dybrow. Make sure that you use the mix of dye cream and activating solution immediately once the mix has been created.

    1. Clean your eyebrows using a cleanser that is not oil-based. This is needed to remove natural oils and makeup. Be sure to dry your brows thoroughly afterwards.
    2. Prep each eye at a time. Cautiously spread a barrier cream such as petroleum jelly, apply to the skin and around your eyelids. However, do not apply it to hairs that will be tinted.
    3. Pierce open the cream colour dye tube nozzle with the sharp end of the cap. Squeeze out about 2cm of the dye colour into a mixing dish. The lid needs to be replaced straight away.
    4. Open the activating solution while facing it away from your face. Apply 5 drops of the activating solution to the dish. Using the applicator, combine the cream and activator solution well. Make sure that it forms a creamy consistency and importantly, one that doesn't drip. The colour of the cream might change, but this won't impact on the Dybrow's performance.
    5. Close your first eye and add the mixture to your brow with the mascara wand. If the cream accidentally makes contact with skin, wipe it off straight away using damp cotton wool.
    6. Allow the cream to settle on your brow for one to two minutes with your eye remaining closed throughout. 
    7. With your eyelid remaining closed, carefully wipe the excess of the mixture from your eyebrow with a damp cotton wool pad. Use upward strokes moving away from your eyelid to achieve this. Rinse with water thoroughly.  If any stinging happens, make sure to flush using an eye bath of water.
    8. Repeat these steps for your other eye.
    9. Soon after completion, you'll have well defined tinted eyebrows.

    There are up to 12 applications per pack.

    How Long Does Eylure Dybrow Last?

    So, you're thinking of buying Dybrow, but now you want to know how long it actually lasts for. Each application can last for up to six weeks, but with as many as 12 applications per product, one purchase can cover more than a year. 

    Here are some ways to ensure Dybrow lasts longer:

    • Don't wash your face for a couple of days
    • Minimise how long you spend out in the sun
    • Take care of your eyebrow health
    • Choose darker shades
    • Go to a salon to get your brows tinted

    How Often Should You Apply Eylure Dybrow?

    Tinting your eyebrows every six to eight weeks is generally fine. Of course, it will depend on the person. If you find that any damage is occurring to your eyebrows, then there is a risk that you can't apply Dybrow or any similar products so often. Alternatively, it may be the case that you are subtly allergic to some of the ingredients, but the damage is not obvious in the short-term.

    How Much Does Eylure Dybrow Cost?

    Eylure Dybrow is available in black or dark brown, it costs just £9.99 here on our website. Considering that Dybrow comes with up to 12 applications in total, it really is a bargain over going to a salon. After all, a single treatment at a salon could cost around 10-12x more than that of Dybrow on average. So, all in all, this is a low-cost product with premium results.

    Benefits of Eylure Dybrow

    We'll now explore the advantages of Dybrow in more detail.

    Cheaper Than a Salon

    As mentioned, you'll save money over going to a salon if you use Dybrow. In fact, you can save an estimated £110 for each product of Dybrow you buy if you make that choice instead of going to a salon 12 times over a 17 month period or thereabouts. That is of course based on the most applications you can get from Dybrow and the timeframe this would last.

    The Comfort of Doing It at Home

    Another great benefit to Dybrow is that you can stay home when applying it to your eyebrows. Not only will this save you on time but in the current climate, it is safer, and you won't need to worry about increasing your risk in relation to Covid-19. You might also simply enjoy doing it yourself and not having to fuss with going out and about. Of course, if you are doing it yourself, the only real concern is that you make sure to get it right. Once you follow the directions carefully, you should have no issues.

    Quick and Easy Application

    Further, this product is also quick and easy to apply. This makes for a straightforward and no hassle eyebrow tinting process, so long as you follow the instructions correctly. This eyebrow dye kit from Eylure is for this reason and more, considered by many to be the best eyebrow tint on the market.

    Can You Remove Eylure Dybrow?

    If you'd like to remove Dybrow or any eyebrow tint, you can use isopropyl alcohol and nail polish remover. This should be applied by dipping into a cotton ball. Carefully rub the cotton ball over the area where the colour has stained. You might have to repeat these steps several times in order to remove the dye entirely. Be sure to wash the area using warm water and soap to fully remove the alcohol or nail polish remover.

    Brow Care

    It's also essential that you take care of your eyebrows. There are various ways you can achieve this. For one, you should consider tweezing after you shower. In addition, you can tweeze in the direction of your hair growth and with high-quality lighting. Trimming your eyebrows and filling in spaces can also help. It's important to carry our brow care to achieve healthy eyebrows. You can also wipe away excess product using micellar water and cotton wool. This will help with eyebrow growth. There are plenty of ways to take care of your eyebrows, and by doing so, it'll help prolong the look and effectiveness of Dybrow!


    As you can see, Eylure Dybrow has plenty to offer in terms of its ability to darken your eyebrows, achieve well-defined eyebrows and considering how affordable it is. Each application of Dybrow is around ten times cheaper than if you were to go to the salon, considering that you have as many as 12 applications per pack. As a product, Dybrow is a high-quality and popular choice. The only real concern is whether it will work for you. That is of course what the patch test is for and assuming that you feel either of the options available will suit the eyebrow look you're going for, Dybrow is a fantastic choice.