beautyblender is the world's leading beauty tool brand. Developed in 2002 by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva and loved for their innovative, and award-winning beautyblender original sponge, their products allow professional results for all levels of expertise. Designed with aqua-activated technology and an open cell structure, beautyblender sponges expand to twice their size when wet, without absorbing excess product. Their eliptical, edgeless shape enables a seamless blend and the pointed tip is perfect for achieving the ultimate precision. Beautyblender sponges can be used alongside an array of different makeup formulas, from liquids to creams and even powders - their versatility is never ending! There is also a beautyblender to cater to all makeup lovers needs, such as the Micro Mini Duo which is an ideal highlighting and contouring companion thanks to its scaled down size, and the beautyblender Pro which delivers a fuller coverage than the original sponge. We also stock the stunning, limited edition Swirl sponge, as well as the brand new Chill sponge! 

beautyblender is easy to use: simply wet.squeeze.bounce your way to a flawless complexion.

  • Wet beautyblender with water with each use. It will expand to about twice its size. 
  • Squeeze out excess water and towel dry.
  • Bounce concealer, primer, foundation, powder, cream blush or any other complexion product across the face for a seamless finish 

Offering the latest in beauty tool technology, our impressive beautyblender collection here at offers a range of unique products that each allow for an effortless application of makeup. We stock a selection of Blender Cleanser products to prolong the life of your beautyblender, as well as the Blotterazzi for eliminating any facial oil, and the Liner Designer to assist in a steady and precise eyeliner application.

Shop our amazing range now and see for yourself why beautyblender products have gained a trusted fan base across the globe. Don't forget - all orders placed on our website come with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more and every single beautyblender item is 100% authentic.