Seamlash is a brand new lash extension system by Eyelash Emporium. If you want to achieve the effect of salon-style lash extensions - without a trip to the salon - then Seamlash is what you need! With different lash styles available (including a full and fluttery style, and also a winged and wispy style) and a host of useful accessories, the Seamlash range contains everything you need to transform your lash look. Not sure where to start? We'd definitely recommend buying the Seamlash Starter Kit.

About Seamlash

We are presenting Eyelash Emporium's deconstructed Strip Lash system, designed to be placed beneath the lash line for a seamless, bandless look. Eyelash Emporium sets the pace with new products, and Seamlash is one of its most innovative creations.

Seamlash, as it is known, provides lash artists and lash-loving consumers with an easy-to-use product that allows them to create a natural lash look. The Eyelash Emporium Seamlash Starter Kit comes with everything you need in one kit and is a great place to start your Seamlash journey.

The lash strips come as individual lash strips that can be carefully placed beneath the lash line to create a natural lash look. With the help of the Seamlash tool, you can angle and shape each lash strip to get the exact look you want.

The lash strips are easy to use, lightweight, and have a comfortable fit. The key is to achieve a long-lasting, lightweight, seamless strip lash look every time.

Beauty Supplies

Seamlash offers the Eyelash Emporium Seamlash 2 in 1 Longwear adhesive, a brush-on applicator for quick and easy application. Seamlash adhesive is available in black and clear and has a wear time of up to 24 hours. We can’t forget the Seamlash Pro Applicator, a great tool that has been designed to simplify the lash application process.

How to Apply Seamlash Flick Lashes

Flicks should be applied underneath the natural lash line from the outside corner. Once applied, clamp the Flicks to the natural lashes with the Seamlash PRO Applicator for up to 24-hour wear and a seamless finish.

How to Apply Seamlash Eyelash Extensions

You'll need lash glue, lash primer, extension tweezers, lash trays and a cotton bud with gel remover for lash extensions.

  1. Use tweezers to pick up one of the lash trays and place it in the back of your lashes.
  2. With a gentle squeeze on the lash tray, slowly apply each lash extension individually to your lash line.
  3. Move from the inner corner of your lash line to the outer corner, and always start with shorter lash extensions first.
  4. Ensure not to apply too much pressure on the lash, which might damage it.
  5. Once finished, use a cotton bud dipped in lash primer remover to remove any excess adhesive.

We hope you will love Eyelash Emporium Seamlash as much as we do.


What is Seamlash?

Seamlash is an Eyelash Emporium product that provides lash artists and lash-loving consumers with an easy-to-use product to create a natural lash look. Seamlash comes as individual lash strips that can be carefully placed beneath the lash line, with the help of a tool, to create a seamless, bandless lash look.

What is it used for?

Seamlash is mainly used for lash extensions and lash flicks. It's a new system that aims to be understated and create great natural lashes.