Best Lashes for Downturned Eyes

The following guide is designed to inform and inspire anyone with downturned eyes who is looking to transform the appearance with some of the best false eyelashes for downturned eyes, whether it be with individual lashes, like Russian lashes, or eyelash strips. This guide also offers expert tips on how to enhance downturned eyes with various makeup techniques which can create the illusion of brighter, more symmetrical eyes.

What are Downturned Eyes?

Downturned eyes tend to tilt downwards at the outer corners of the eye, which causes your upper lid to look a lot larger than the bottom lid. This means you do have a lot more space to work with when applying eye makeup. However, this requires more thought and technique as placement is so important when accentuating the eyes.

A great way to enhance downturned eyes is by adding some false eyelashes and lower lashes to your makeup look. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right type of lashes, like brown lashes, as choosing the wrong design may cause your eyes to look smaller or imbalanced.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Downturned Eyes?

Before choosing the first set of eyelashes and under lashes you see, you should consider which false lashes work best for your eye shape, as this will ensure that your eyes are accentuated and stand out in the right way. For downturned eyes, you should try to choose lashes that flare out and elongate the eye, like half eyelashes; or more subtle lashes like brown false eyelashes and fox eyelashes.

To narrow down your search, here are some of the best false eyelashes for downturned eyes that will really accentuate your eye shape. Looking for vegan or cruelty-free lashes? We've got you!

Ardell Accent Lashes - 318

One of the best-selling lash products for downturned eyes is Ardell’s Accent Lashes in style 318 which are half lashes that are typically applied to the outer corner of the lash line. These lashes are a popular wispy design which are made up of multi-layered lash strands which really help to extend the lash line and create a more balanced and natural look.

Each pack contains a gorgeous pair of handmaid lashes which are made from 100% sterile human hair. They are also ultra-lightweight, comfortable and very to apply.

Eylure Lengthening Lashes - 116

If it's length you are after, then Eylure’s Lengthening Lashes in style 116 are the perfect option as they offer just the right amount of length without too much volume. This helps to create a subtle aesthetic which still makes your downturned eyes stand out.

One pack contains a pair of lashes and a small adhesive. Eylure’s durable adhesive lasts up to 18 hours. These falsies can also be recycled up to ten times, so you can definitely get your money’s worth.

Red Cherry Demi Lashes - Jane

If you are looking for high-quality but cheap false eyelashes, then Red Cherry’s Demi lashes in the style Jane are an ideal choice. This set of reusable lashes can be recycled up to ten times, and they are also very easy to stick on, so they are perfect for everyday wear.

These Jane lashes are handmade half falsies which cover the outer corners of the eyes, which help to make downturned eyes look more symmetrical. These lashes are also perfect if you want to create a unique custom look that will help you stand out from the crowd.

House of Lashes - Iconic Mini

House of Lashes Iconic Mini falsies are another popular half-style lash product which really helps to create symmetrical upper and bottom lids on downturned eyes. They feature a smaller lash band than typical false eyelashes which helps to create a more natural look.

Each pack contains a set of half-sized lashes which are tapered to create a cat-eye effect at the external corners of the eye. These lashes have a crisscrossed pattern and can be applied using a flick of mascara and adhesive to create a flared effect.

Peaches and Cream Lashes - No. 1

Peaches and Cream’s Style No. 1 lashes are perfect for everyday wear as they offer a natural and wispy texture which help to enhance the volume and length of your natural lashes whilst also opening up your downturned eyes.

These false eyelashes are made from synthetic, which means they are 100% Cruelty-Free and vegan-friendly. Each pack contains one pair of high-quality falsies which are so easy to apply and can be recycled up to five times.

Lilly Lashes 3D Mink Lashes - Cannes 

The shah’s of Sunset star Lilly Ghalichi has found success with her brand Lilly’s Lashes with the company offering premium and high-quality lashes to suit all eye shapes. The Cannes style falsies are popular with celebrities who favour these false lashes for their double stacked layers which creates impact and drama.

These are a pricey set of lashes, but a pack contains a pair of high-quality false eyelashes which are made from natural shred mink hair. The material used helps to create a feathery and full look that is long-lasting and glamorous, which makes them a perfect choice if you have a special event coming up and are after dramatic lashes.

SOSU Lashes 7 Deadly Sins Lashes - Lust

If you have an upcoming date, SOSU’s Lust Lashes from the 7 Deadly Sins range are the perfect match as they offer a flirty and fluffy style that is guaranteed to grab your date’s attention.

SOSU’s lust lashes are entirely handmade with 100% Cruelty-Free synthetic fibres. These falsies can be recycled up to five times, so if the first date does not work out, you can always wear them for the next one.

Eylure Petite Volume Lashes - 100

Another popular Eylure product is their Petite Volume Lashes in style 100 which features a 27mm lash band which is much shorter than typical false eyelash sets. This is an ideal choice for anyone with small downturned eyes as they help to accentuate the eyes without looking too big.

These petite false lashes are made from synthetic fibres and contain a latex-free glue so they offer a much safer application. You can buy these false lashes for a low price, and a pack includes a set of high-quality false lashes and a durable Eylure glue which can last a full day and night.

Makeup for Downturned Eyes

To complement your false eyelashes, you should also consider which makeup techniques work for your eyes and how primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and highlighter can be used to contour the shape of your eyes.

Take a look at the following makeup tips which will help you enhance and reshape your downturned eyes.


Priming is the key to perfect eyeshadow as applying primer helps to create a smooth surface on the eyelids, which makes it much easier to draw on eyeliner and blend in eyeshadow.

You can prime your eyes with an eye primer or use a small amount of concealer, making sure to use a similar shade to your skin tone. This will not only make application easier but will also help to prolong your makeup.


Downturned eyes tend to appear overly elongated and typically do not have much depth or definition, so you can create this by using a three-toned eyeshadow look.

This involves applying a neutral eyeshadow shade onto the inner lash line and extending it out to the end of the brow bone in order to create a lifted lid effect. You should then brush a medium brown shade on top of the light shade, making sure to stop at the crease line. A dark eyeshadow should then be swept across your crease line, followed by a buffing motion into the outer corners and blending across the entire eye.


To avoid weighing down your eyelids, you should take it easy with the eyeliner, as this can make your eyes look droopy. To ensure you don’t use too much, you should consider using a creamy eyeliner for downturned eyes as this will be much easier to apply. You should also swap your black eyeliner for a lighter colour, as this will lift up your eyelids as opposed to black, which tends to make eyes look smaller and heavier.

To create a more symmetrical look and reduce the downward slope of your eyes, you should use a white eyeliner pencil on your lower lid, as this will create an eye-opening effect. This is an effective technique as it will reflect the light which will blur the line between the whites of your eyes and the skin around the eye area.


When applying mascara, you should try to focus more on the outer corners and use a voluminous mascara to create a full and fluttery effect. You can also enhance the look of your eyelashes further by using brown mascara as this will not pull the eyes down as much as black mascara. You can also use an eyelash curling tool which will length and volumize your natural lashes.

If you want to achieve a more dramatic look, you should apply mascara and then stick on some false eyelashes that are suited to your downturned eyes. This is a great option for special occasions as it will help your eyes stand out while also complimenting the rest of your face makeup.


One of the best ways to lift up and open up your downturned eyes is by applying highlighter under the arch of your eyebrow, which will enhance the look of your brows whilst also framing the eye area.

You can also add some highlighter to the inner part of your eye as this will draw the attention away from the downward shape of your eyes. This will also emphasise your eye shape and make your eyes look a lot bigger.

Celebrities with Downturned Eyes

For downturned eyes makeup inspiration, you should take advice from some of the most influential and glamorous celebrities with descending eyelids. This includes famous faces such as Katie Holmes whose secret weapon is white eyeshadow which she dabs into the corner of her eyes for a brightening effect.

Anne Hathaway is another talented actress who combats her downturned eyes by blending a matte eyeshadow into the external corners of the eyes to smooth out the liner around the whites of the eyes. She is also regularly seen with shimmery colours on her lids which work to lift the brow bones as well as brighten the inner and outer corners.


You now have all the tips you need to embrace and accentuate your downturned eyes, including everything from blending out the downward facing lines with eyeshadow to highlight the inner corner with a white eyeshadow shade. You can also increase your confidence with some of our high-quality false eyelash products mentioned above, which cater for subtle and dramatic styles, so you can choose a pair for day wear and a different set for a night time look.

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