House of Lashes Lite Styles: Allure, Demure and Serene


New House of Lashes Lite styles

We've got some fab news for those of you that love House of Lashes - we have recently added three, brand new lash styles to our website! The popular Lite Collection has expanded, and there is now even more choice available to purchase here at

False lashes don't get better than this

The House of Lashes Lite collection was expertly designed to provide increased comfort, as well as a lighter, more flexible lash band. Each design from the Lite Collection also consists of a much more natural finish in comparison to other styles such as the original Iconic, making them perfect for those that prefer a subtle, softer look when it comes to their falsies. These lashes are all handmade from 100% Cruelty-Free synthetic hair, ensuring the best quality at an affordable price.

Serene Lite

Boasting a striking, criss-crossed pattern, these lovely lashes feature dramatically increased length in the centre for a soft, eye opening effect. Their multi-layered appearance adds dimension to your look, without being too bold or heavy.


Band Length: 33mm
Lash Length: 5mm (Inner), 13mm (Centre), 5mm (Outer)

Allure Lite

This gorgeous style features layered, alternating length lash strands that softly blend together creating a subtle, criss-crossed appearance. Adding volume and length focused in the centre of the lash; this design also gently flares outwards, providing an eye enhancing curl and lightweight, fluttery finish.


Band Length: 32mm
Lash Length: 9mm (Inner), 15mm (Centre), 11mm (Outer)

Demure Lite

This delicate design boasts a blend of finer and dense lashes that gradually increase in length towards each outer edge, for a gentle, flared effect. These lovely lashes add a light to medium volume, resulting in a stunning, naturally enhanced look that is ideal for a number of occasions.


Band Length: 32mm
Lash Length: 7mm (Inner), 11.5mm (Centre), 11mm (Outer)

Which new House of Lashes style is your favourite?