New Pinky Goat Styles in Stock!


New Pinky Goat Lashes

Good news for all Pinky Goat lovers, we have now expanded our collection and have added 12 brand new styles! All consisting of high quality, and gorgeous designs, these luxurious lashes are set to impress.

3D Mink Lashes

If you love a dramatic look and lots of volume, then these impressive 3D Mink styles are the perfect pick. Boasting multi-layered, double-stacked designs for the ultimate density, their thick, fluffy appearance will enhance your eyes resulting in a glamorous finish.


This style features a graduated length and volume which works to elongate the eye and result in a softer finish. Each lash cluster flares outwards for a lightweight, fluttery effect that opens the eye whilst adding an effortless curl.


Ideal for enhancing hooded eyes, this dense design offers heavy volume and increased length in the centre to compliment your eye shape and size. Each lash cluster is layered and gradually fades in thickness from the band to the tip, for a fluffy, feminine appearance. The clear lash band also allows a discreet look once applied.


Achieve a full, feathery effect with this bold style. Adding extreme volume and length, this design is sectioned into dense clusters and features heightened length in the centre, giving the illusion of larger eyes in an instant.


Add length and volume to your lashes, without the extra depth and dimension, and achieve a softer enhancement with a style from the mink collection.


This soft style offers delicately criss-crossed lash strands that form together to create lots of length and a medium volume. The textured appearance blends flawlessly with your own lashes, and the longer strands in the centre ensure your eyes stand out.


If you require a striking lash look, then this style is certainly for you! Consisting of a dramatic increase in both length and thickness towards each outer edge, this style flares outwards making them the perfect pair for completing an ultra-glam cat eye look. 


Style Maha provides a stunning, soft enhancement that adds a graduated length and slight volume. The criss-crossed lash strands add flawless definition and a lightweight, delicate finish.

Which new Pinky Goat style are you loving?