Kiss Lashes: The Blooming Collection


Kiss Blooming Lashes

Kiss Lashes are a top choice here at This American brand can be difficult to find on the UK high street, however we proudly stock a range of their stunning lash collections available for direct purchase on our website. From the Haute Couture Lashes, to the most recent Kiss i-Envy Lashes, all of our Kiss Lashes have proved to be a huge hit, and every single Kiss product is 100% authentic. We thought we would focus this post on the popular, yet arguably underrated, Kiss Blooming Lash Collection.

Kiss Lashes do not come more natural than the Blooming Collection

Offering even softer alternatives to styles such as Iconic and Ritzy (found in the Natural Collection) the Blooming Lash Collection consists of ultra-natural, delicate designs that are perfect for achieving an undetectable enhancement.

Expertly designed using innovative multi-angle technology, these luscious lashes boast finely layered lash strands softly formed together to achieve a curled, lightweight look and feel. Their flexible lash band makes these falsies easy to apply and the entire Blooming Lash range is difficult to beat in terms of price, quality and comfort.


This gorgeous design features a subtle, fluttery appearance that adds length and a natural volume to your lashes in minutes. Multi-layered for a dimensional, realistic look; this lovely lightweight style enhances your natural beauty and adds an eye opening curl.


For a barely there lash look, opt for this understated yet effective style. If you want to add length without heaps of volume, then this defining design is ideal for you. Featuring incredibly fine, lightweight lash strands that are multi-layered for a delicate, curled finish, this stunning style is perfect for everyday wear. The slightly increased length in the centre opens the eyes, accentuating them beautifully.


For flawless definition and a little extra length, style Lily is a great choice. Formed into spaced out lash clusters, scattered along a super fine, flexible lash band this design softly flares outwards for an eye enhancing finish. The layered, multi-angle appearance opens the eye and the graduated length elongates it effortlessly.

Which style would you choose from the Kiss Blooming Lash Collection?