Kiss Lashes

Kiss Lashes are as good as it gets! We've got a huge selection of Kiss Lashes right here on our website - including the best selling Kiss Falscara range, Kiss multipacks and more. Whether it's Kiss strip lashes, individual lashes or lash glue you're looking for, we've got you covered. We also stock a fabulous selection of Kiss nails too. Shaking up the beauty industry and bringing the salon home for over 30 years, we know you'll love Kiss products. Browse and buy your favourite Kiss false eyelashes right here at!

About Kiss Lashes

American Beauty brand Kiss has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. For us, this is evident through the constant requests we receive to stock their products, especially Kiss Lashes, the Kiss Falscara system and Kiss nails (yep, we now stock false nails too!)

At, we're dedicated to bringing our customers only the very best eyelash products on the market, and we currently stock the entire Kiss Lashes range.

Just have a browse over some of the many Kiss false eyelashes we have on offer. No matter which Kiss eyelashes you fancy, we’ve got the perfect lash or accessory to suit you.

Whether you are looking for the convenience of Kiss magnetic lashes or want to try and achieve the ultimate matte finish, you will be pleased to discover the Kiss range and explore all the stunning lashes by Kiss.

Kiss false lashes come in various forms - we stock their traditional strip lashes, Kiss cluster lashes and even the new Kiss Falscara lash system. Their faux mink lashes are also very popular, while the Kiss classic lashes have remained best sellers for a long time.

A brief history of Kiss lashes

Kiss was first founded in 1989 by John Y. Chang, Yong Chang, and Won Shik in Flushing, NY, and back then, the company was just a tiny start-up named Dae Do.

If we fast forward to 2018, the company has rebranded to ‘Kiss’ and has moved to its new global headquarters in Port Washington, New York. It houses a gigantic business complex alongside its very own Research and Innovation Centre.

Kiss Products has come a long way from its humble beginnings - and now caters for a growing global market of falsies fanatics and beauty fans.

Kiss products in the cosmetics industry today

Kiss has firmly and successfully placed its footprint in the cosmetics industry, and the brand is becoming a household name - if it isn’t already one! Kiss's fluttery false eyelashes have graced the eyes of numerous celebrities on a plethora of catwalks, and their branding is recognised across several continents.

On top of legacy strip lash styles that are incredibly popular, the new Kiss Falscara range has become an instant cult classic.

Achieving salon-style lash extensions from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. With thousands of units sold already, we know you'll love Kiss Falscara lashes - perhaps the biggest innovation in the lash category in over a decade.

Kiss false lashes are global leaders

The Kiss brand has become a global leader with a professional finish and quality that stands out from the crowd. Their iconic brand name is sold in stores across the globe – currently in over one hundred countries.

Their slogan “Bring the Salon Home” has seen beauty enthusiasts across the globe create professional finishes at low costs, and their products have set the movement for DIY beauty and eyelash Wear.

We have a lot to thank them for, mainly because the beauty industry has been highly influenced and shaped by Kiss false lashes and its products over the past two decades.

According to Kiss, their mission statement is:

“To encourage an unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, and excellence; to offer consumers cosmetics with the highest quality, efficacy, and safety; and to continue to provide cutting edge innovations that make every day more beautiful for everyone.”

Kiss Lashes: The Range Explained

We stock the full range of Kiss eyelash products, and we offer them at highly affordable prices. You can easily find the Blooming, Haute Couture, True Volume and Looks So Natural Collections and several other Kiss products in our online store.

Just take a look, we are the UK's top supplier for Kiss lashes and accessories. Where other stockists only cherry-pick a small range of Kiss strip eyelashes, we're proud to stock the full selection, including Kiss press on lashes and Kiss individual lashes.

We deliver Kiss false lashes around the UK, and around the world

We’ve been providing customers with beautiful lashes for a long time, and we are the go-to shop for false eyelashes in the UK. We also deliver internationally, so even if you’re not in the UK, you can still order yours now.

Kiss and their flawless range of high-class lashes are carefully curated and hand-made. The same goes for their 100% premium human hair lashes (which are, of course, found in the higher-end of the Kiss range). Each strand of premium 100% human hair is professionally sterilised before being hand-tied into false eyelashes, just in case you wondered.

We only stock genuine Kiss eyelashes

Kiss Products Lashes can be extremely difficult to find on the UK high street, but there’s no need to worry because we're an official stockist of Kiss products. You can rest assured, knowing that we only sell 100% genuine lashes – and we never stock non-genuine products or items.

In addition to the stunning lashes on offer, you can also have a browse over our selection of Kiss Lash Adhesives, alongside several other impressive brow products. The Kiss product range ensures simple and effective false lash applications and provides you with perfectly groomed eyelashes, no matter the occasion.

We also stock Kiss lash glue

One of our most highly sought after products is, in fact, the Kiss Brush-on Strip Lash Adhesive, and you can pick it up for just £4.99.

The Kiss Looks So Natural collection is a new style of false eyelashes made with a revolutionary technology that creates tapered ends. These falsies are significantly lighter in weight than traditional lashes, meaning that you can barely feel them on. If you want to achieve the look of natural long lashes, this is the lash range for you.

These soft and feathery Looks So Natural lashes are available in various styles, from natural to flamboyant looks. The Kiss strip lashes are the best option when searching for affordable and natural-looking lashes that are soft as well as supple.

Choose from lots of lash styles

With plenty to choose from with products ranging from classic lashes, to new styles which are being launched regularly - including the newly launched Kiss Ruffle lashes - there is sure to be a style that takes your fancy.

The Kiss brand is becoming increasingly popular with every new launch – and the company is consistently receiving outstanding reviews.

Just take a look for yourself (you can find the individual reviews throughout the product range). Kiss has long been a top choice amongst our customers and consumers in the UK, and what’s more, their stunning styles and affordable prices make these falsies a firm favourite within the industry on a global scale.

Here are a few top selling Kiss lash lines, and some genuine customer reviews:

Kiss Falscara: Starter Kit (Lengthening)

It's of no surprise that the Kiss Falscara Starter Kit is one of the best sellers! The Falscara starter kits are well and truly flying off our shelves, and no wonder why.

The kit includes everything you need - one set of wispy lashes, a Falscara Seal and Bond, an applicator tool, along with instructions to ensure proper application! If you want no damage to your natural lashes, Falscara is the way forward. If you can Mascara, you can Falscara.

Kiss Falscara: Overnighter

Picture this, you've just been on a night out, and you really don't want to take off your gorgeous lashes. Well then, look no further than Kiss Falscara Overnighter!

This amazing product secures your lashes to stay on for up to 10 days! All you have to do is brush a thin line of Overnighter under the wisps, apply 2-3 coats and you're done. Repeat daily, and boom. Keeping your lashes fresh has never been easier.

Kiss Falscara: Natural Wispy Wisps Multipack

These great lashes are applied underneath your lashes, to create a natural look and make your eyes look more awake! You get great value for money with this multipack as it contains 24 Natural Wispy Wisps, all at different lengths too. Experimenting and creating a completely custom look has never been easier.

For more drama, try the Falscara Extra Drama Wisps! Every single order of lashes comes with FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more here at

Applying Kiss Eyelashes - 3 Simple Steps & 3 Top Tips

Find out more about our best-selling non-magnetic Kiss Eyelash Set: Kiss Lash Couture Naked Drama - Organza within this guide. Applying Kiss Lashes doesn’t need to be a tricky affair.

Just follow the simple guidelines below, and you can thank us later on. Luckily, Kiss’ designs have been crafted with comfort and ease in mind, so all you need is the right supplies and a little know-how. It is as simple as that!

1. Grab Your Lashes

Getting everything you need before applying your lashes has got to be the first step. If you’re still searching for a reputable false eyelash set, take a look at our extensive Kiss range. Even if you’re a beginner, we’ve got everything you need to get started.

2. Measure Your Luscious Lashes

By using your eyelid as a guide, carefully measure your false eyelash against it. Now you’ll need to trim any excess (away from your eye). You can always use the lot later to add a little bit of glitz to your eyes if you want to.

3. Apply Your Adhesive and Centre Your Lash

To apply the lash glue correctly, hold the semi-circular lash between your fingers, gently facing upwards. You can then take the glue and neatly apply one line in a semi-circular motion.

Now it’s time to get the lashes on. With confidence, place your eyelash (using the included applicator tweezers) on the centre of your eyelid and press down. You’ll want to stick your lashes on as closely as possible to your eye-line and natural lashes for the best effect.

Once you have pressed down, you can use your applicator to pull and shape the eyelash to sit in the most desired position.

That’s it! It is as simple as that! (Depending on which false eyelash set you select, this process might vary). Eyelash application can still occasionally be tricky, even if you have started to get the hang of it!

To make sure that you apply the lashes in the best possible manner, check out our 3 Top Tips below:

#Top Tip No. 1 – Eye Shape Awareness

Knowing yourself when it comes to beauty and cosmetics is a big deal. The same goes for when you’re planning to apply falsies. If your eyelids are slightly smaller, then you’ll want to go for a shorter and possibly bolder set of falsies.

If, however, your eyelids are more extended, then you can certainly get away with a long lash. Just be sure to always measure your eye-line correctly, as you can easily create a look that is less than stylish with the wrong measurements.

#Top Tip No. 2 – Apply Makeup First

Okay, so this is a big one! Eyelashes are delicate little creatures; the last thing you’ll want to do is spend all your time perfecting your falsies only to notice you’ve forgotten to do your eye makeup. Don’t be surprised; it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened.

Tampering with false lashes once they are applied can cause havoc. Although with that being said, we would recommend leaving your liner until after you have popped on your lashes.

This is because it helps you finish the edge and line connecting to your false lashes' final point, leaving the liner application until the last step can create a sophisticated and elegant look that will undoubtedly make you proud.

Top tip: Match the Kiss Falscara with your lashes.

#Top Tip No. 3 – Let Your Glue Go!

Quite often, one of the greatest mistakes people make when trying to apply false lashes is putting them on straight away before letting the glue settle. Freshly applied glue is slimy and slippery, and it’s not going to stay put easily. What you’ll need to do is to wait for a while.

Once the adhesive begins to set (within 30 seconds), you can then place it firmly on your eyelid. This will prevent glue-smudging and still give you time to adjust it correctly.

Kiss False Eyelashes For Comfort

False eyelashes were known in the past for being incredibly tricky to apply. Well, luckily for us, those days are gone. Kiss has a large following of long-term fans, and several customers swear by Kiss as the number one supplier of false eyelashes. Not only are their lashes easy to apply, but they can provide wearers with a level of comfort that matches invisibility.

Comfort and style as standard

Kiss’ unique eyelash range is designed with comfort and style in mind. The lashes are full and add a level of impact, but not in an overly dramatic manner. You can trim them to frame your features in several fashions, and they are designed to be shorter on the inside and longer on the outer side.

In turn, this creates the popular cat-eye look that has taken the fashion world by storm. You can easily use them to create a winged and elegant look without the need for eyeliner if you wish so.

What about Kiss Individual Lashes?

For individuals fans, the Kiss Individual Lashes have been criss-crossed together to create a natural look that will add a clear definition to your eyes. Kiss individual lashes are a great way to create a custom lash look in mere minutes.

A Brand You Can Trust!

Kiss is a well-known and highly respected company within the cosmetics industry. They have been supplying cosmetic users across the globe for several years now, and they have built quite a reputation within the fashion and beauty industry.

Kiss Lashes are perfect for everyday use, especially the Kiss Natural lashes range, and their wispy lash designs that have been created to extend on your natural lashes.

Celebrity ambassadors love Kiss 

On the lash itself, you’ll find that the hair creates a column-like effect on the lash and the length of hair increases from shorter to longer for a more natural yet defined effect.

Not only do Kiss Lashes consist of good quality and super stylish designs, but they are also extremely popular with celebrities, with reality star Jessica Wright and singer Pixie Lott being their most recent brand ambassadors.

Leona Lewis, singer, has also had her say on Kiss eyelashes being her go-to lashes. Billie Faiers, a British TV personality star, is Kiss' most recent brand ambassador. So keep an eye out for them rocking Kiss fake lashes when you're scrolling through Insta or Tiktok next!

Why buy Kiss false lashes anywhere else? 

So, Kiss eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner products are great, right? You heard it here first. Whatever your favourite product may be, why don't you consider signing up to our subscription service and you can have your choice of product sent out to you every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks as per your choosing. Shopping on couldn't get any easier.

Kiss offers over 50 great styles, along with twin packs, multipacks, and beginner kits in a range of varying price brackets - the lowest starting at just £4.95, which is fantastic value for money.

Our customers recommend the Kiss Magnetic range - as well as Falscara, which is a cult classic in its own right. Not familiar with Kiss magnetic lashes range? Read our guide to Kiss magnetic lashes to discover the power of magnetic lashes by Kiss.

Grab your Kiss false lashes now, and don’t forget we offer FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more.


How long do Kiss Falscara lashes last?

Kiss Falscara lashes last for 10 days when you use Kiss Falscara Overnighter with them.

Are Kiss Falscara lashes reusable?

Yes, Kiss Falscara lashes can be re-used up to 3 times if you make sure that you remove them carefully to keep them in top condition. We also recommend that you only use Kiss Falscara Bond and Seal with the Kiss Falscara lashes to get the best results.

Are Kiss Lashes good?

Yes, Kiss are one of the top brands for fake lashes and are the favourite lash choice for many celebrities. You can read the glowing online reviews from happy customers who rave about how good they are.

How do you apply Kiss Lashes?

Once you have selected your perfect lashes, you need to measure your lashes along your lash line so you can trim the strip lash to the right length. Next, apply the lash glue along the band of the strip lash. Using tweezers, apply the lash along your lash line and gently press down to secure the strip lash in place.

Can you get Kiss lash extensions wet?

Kiss lashes are not water resistant, it is best to avoid getting them wet in the shower or swimming with them on.

Are Kiss Lashes cruelty free?

Yes, Kiss false lashes are 100% cruelty free and the PETA website verifies that Kiss products are not tested on animals.

How long does Kiss lash glue last?

Kiss strip lash glue provides up to 24 hours of wear.

Kiss Falscara Bond and Seal allows for up to 24 hours of hold for the Falscara lashes. Kiss Falscara Overnighter extends the wear of Kiss Falscara lashes for up t 10 days.

Are Kiss Lashes synthetic?

Yes, Kiss lashes are made from synthetic materials and do not contain any animal products.

Do Kiss Lashes come with glue?

Some Kiss lash products such as Kiss Strip Lashes and the Kiss Falscara Starter Kit do include lash glue but for other lashes you will need to purchase lash glue separately. Always check the product description to see if the item includes a glue before purchasing.