Battle of the Beauty Vloggers!


It's no secret that more and more of us are turning to YouTube to find out about the latest beauty trends and products. With a keyboard at our fingertips, it's difficult to not spend hours watching tutorial videos and product reviews. The most successful YouTubers have been posting videos for years, taking time to build up a dedicated fan base. Now there are hundreds of popular Beauty Vlogs with different niches and personalities to suit everyone. But who’s the best Beauty Vlogger to follow?

We've taken some of the most successful beauty vloggers and pitted them against each other in the ultimate Battle of the Beauty Vloggers. We compared 18 different Vloggers from across the globe to looked at how big their following is, how many YouTube searches they receive, how often they upload to their channel and more, to determine a winner. Scroll down to see who we’ve crowned our King or Queen!

Battle of the Beauty Vloggers