Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks from a MUA


With the weather warming up, we asked our resident MUA Saffron Hughes to share her tips and tricks on everything to do with summer beauty.

Her advice includes how to increase the longevity of makeup during the warmer summer months, how people can protect their skin against the sun, and how to create a sun-kissed look without the sun.

Read on to find out more…

Increase longevity of makeup

Longevity of Make-Up

When it comes to increasing the longevity of your makeup during the summer months, skincare is key for a flawless base application – you need to be taking care of your skin to ensure your makeup applies nicely on top and lasts. Update your night-time skincare routine to make sure you’re giving your face a good clean (particularly if you’ve been out sweating in the sun and have reapplied your SPF multiple times). You’ll need to make sure you’re removing all product, residues, and bacteria from your face, as if you’ve left these things on your skin then you’re going to cause a break-out.

If you’re not already using SPF all year round (which you should be) then you definitely need to add it to your routine for summer to keep your skin protected… Always use SPF and apply as the final skincare step before makeup, and also use lip balm with SPF at this stage.

For maximum longevity, you need to be using a primer. Those with jelly or gel-like consistencies (such as the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer or the Elf Cosmetics Power Grip Primer) work really well, as they leave a very tacky base for your makeup to stick to.

After applying skincare and primer, spritz a layer of setting spray all over the face – this will also help with the longevity of your makeup. Then, when applying base makeup, be sure to press or stamp the products into your skin, rather than swiping or dragging.

Your natural oils will come through, especially if you’re out in the heat, so set your makeup with powder to help keep your makeup in place. Finally, set makeup in place with a setting spray.

As well as keeping your base makeup in place, using waterproof mascara and eyeliner can help to increase longevity of your beauty look.

Also, carry a pressed powder to touch-up your base.

Protect skin against the sun

Skin Protect

As mentioned, protecting your skin against the sun is important. If you’re not wearing any makeup, then apply your SPF to clean dry skin. If you’re wearing makeup, remember to include SPF in your routine before makeup application.

Reapplying SPF when wearing makeup is now even easier due to over-makeup SPF sprays – the Garnier Over Makeup SPF has a non-greasy formula, is SPF factor 50, and contains hyaluronic acid to keep you looking glowy! Some makeup setting sprays/primers also include SPF.

When it comes to treating sunburn at home, my advice is to avoid exposing the burnt skin to the sun again. Stay hydrated while healing – drink plenty of water – and take a cold shower or bath, and/or apply a cold compress to the area. Avoid scratching the area and apply moisturiser (aloe vera soothes the skin). Take painkillers like Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain, and wear loose clothing to avoid irritation.

If you are dealing with peeling skin on your face or body, as tempting as it is, do not pick, peel, or scratch the peeling skin off! Be gentle with your skin and apply aloe vera or a cortisone cream. You can also apply a cold compress to the area to soothe and prevent peeling. Remember to stay hydrated too!

Avoid applying makeup to your sunburn, as your skin needs time to breathe and heal. However, if you absolutely must wear some makeup, try a tinted moisturiser or skin tint, something lightweight on the skin and apply after aloe vera and SPF.

Creating a sun-kissed look without the sun

Sun-Kissed Look

If you’re wanting a longer lasting tan for the summer months without having to sit in the sun, I would recommend a gradual tanning lotion – this allows you to keep your skin well moisturised while building up a gorgeous tan. This can be applied morning or night after you’ve washed. I’m currently using the Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanning Moisturiser.

If you’re after a quick tan to hit the beer garden or party, then I would recommend an instant tan to save the hassle of having to apply the night before (and it can be washed off as soon as you get home – or whenever you next shower). I absolutely love the Tanologist Insta Glow Instant Tan Lotion – this gives a gorgeous colour and leaves the skin looking glowy. I also use this product on my face as it blurs the skin and adds a glow, which is great on its own or as an added step for a no-makeup makeup routine.

Using bronzer and/or blush, apply products to the parts of your face where the sun would hit for a sun-kissed look – such as: top of the forehead, above eyebrows, nose, and cheeks. I would recommend using liquid/cream products and applying in light layers with your fingers or a beauty sponge, as this allows the product to melt into your skin and blend flawlessly without being cakey. It also avoids using too much product and over doing the bronze. My favourite cream bronzer is the Pinky Honey UK Bronzing Face Frosting or the Primark Foundation & Contour sticks.

*Advice correct as of June 2022