The Best Eyelash Extensions for your Eye Shape

Each eye is completely unique and we understand that trying to achieve the right lash extension look for every eye shape might be completely overwhelming. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, with different lengths and different styles to think about, we are here to make this process slightly easier for you.

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer from our lash experts is always make sure you are going to a professional and highly experienced lash tech. This will make the process a lot easier if you are worrying about what shape eyelash extension you want/need. Your lash tech should be able to offer their knowledge on what would look is best for you.

How do I know what eye shape I am?

The best way to determine what eye shape you are is going for a consultation with your lash tech. During this consultation, you should have a patch test to ensure no allergies will occur. Your lash tech will also ask you what style of lashes you would prefer, whether that be classic, hybrid or russian, this is completely your choice and will depend on your lifestyle and the look you want to achieve.

Although most lash techs will try and give you the look you desire, they will also provide you with their recommendation during this consultation. If you are looking for a super thick and dramatic cat eye effect, your lash tech will need to make sure your natural lashes are able to withstand the weight of a longer lash. If you are unable to have an incredibly long lash look, then your lash tech will probably suggest having thinner lashes put on the outer edges of the set in order to achieve your desired look. Remember, compromising can be important for the health of your natural lashes.

Most people do not have symmetrical eyes or faces which is also something your lash tech will understand. You and your bestie will have different eyes, so if you love their set of lash extensions, we can’t promise you will be able to have the same look! The key to a successful set of lashes is to balance your eyes and bring out YOUR natural beauty.

Eye shape guide

Almond eyes

Opting for a longer and defined look towards the centre will help make almond eyes pop!

Close set eyes

Placing longer lash extensions on the outer corners will help to achieve a symmetrical and open eyed look. This shape eye looks best with a cat eye effect.

Wide set eyes

Wide eyed look is one of the most desired eye shapes and looks best with a baby doll effect. This has an even length all round with slightly shorter lengths on the outer corners to stop the eyes from looking too far apart.

Hooded eyes

Individuals with hooded eyes usually benefit from having longer extensions placed in the centre of the eye, giving the open eye effect. Opt for an understated cat eye.

Round eyes

Always make sure your lash extensions show off your natural assets with this eye shape, having a set that resembles a cat eye will work best for you. Having slightly longer lash extensions at the centre makes for a sultry appearance.

Monolid eyes

Achieving a balance that looks natural is the key for a monolid eye shape. You can do this by having a subtle cat eye effect that is made using a J curl lash, this will ensure your eyelash extensions won't look too OTT.