The Only Way is… Lashes by Samantha!


She was the original golden girl of TOWIE, is a successful boutique owner, fitness guru and now the creator of a gorgeous new lash range. There is no stopping Samantha Faiers and with a lash range like hers, we don’t want there to be!

Choose from three fab lash styles

The current Lashes By Samantha range includes three styles and each box of lashes comes with a complementary 1ml latex free adhesive. Samantha personally uses latex free adhesives and understands the struggle for false lash wearers to find this particular type of glue.

Lashes by Samantha Faiers

Lashes by Samantha

Oh! So Natural

Lashes by Samantha Faiers

These beautiful Oh! So Natural lashes have been created to enhance your natural beauty with effortless style. These falsies maybe a fine blend but the arrangement of the lashes subtly lengthen and thicken your look and can help transform your style from day to night.

We love that these lashes are light and flexible to wear, making them great for everyday use, if you look after these lashes during application and removal, they are also reusable!

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Glam It Up!

Lashes by Samantha Faiers

If you are the type of girl who loves a fuller blended lash, Glam It Up! Is the style for you. This gorgeous set of lashes have a wisped finish that results in a sultry, head turning look.

This style is great for any occasion but we love that these glamorous lashes are lightweight and flexible, making evening wear hassle free. Sam recently wore this style whilst attending the 2015 National Television Awards!

You can order Sam's Glam It Up lashes now by clicking here!

If Looks Could Kill

Lashes by Samantha Faiers

If Looks Could Kill are a gorgeously thick medium blend lash, full of character. These dangerously gorgeous lashes are designed to thicken and volumize the wearers’ lashes with stylish ease, to create a seductively chic killer lash look. These extremely popular lashes are flexible enough to wear day or night with ease and comfort.

If you take care during adhesive application and removal, these lashes can be reusable. They are also designed to with stand gentle trimming to fit the lash line.

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What's in the box?

Each pack of lashes comes with application instructions printed on the rear of the packaging. Don’t forget each box comes with a 1ml Ultra Bond latex-free, clear tone adhesive too!

If you love these lashes and are looking for a larger latex free adhesive to complement, we suggest DUO Green Brush on Strip Lash Adhesive. This adhesive works well with lashes from a variety of brands.

We could not be happier with the new Lashes By Samantha range, they are definitely our current weekend must-haves! We would love to see your Lashes By Samantha selfies so don’t forget to tag us in your Tweets and Facebook posts!!